CRG's Design-Build Process

At CRG Home Builders, we believe that everyone deserves a quality home they can be proud of. That's why we offer affordable luxury homes that are built to perfection, with attention to every detail. Find your dream home with CRG today.

Initial Consultation

Building a custom modular home with CRG Homes is super cool. First, we have a friendly chat to learn all about your dream house. We'll discuss the size, style, and special features you want. We'll listen closely to ensure we understand what you're looking for.

Design & Customization

Next, we will create a plan for your new home. You can pick your favorite colors, choose your flooring, cabinets and decide on all the finishing details. We'll make sure your home is unique, just like you!

Construction & Quality Control

Now, it's time to build! We create your home in pieces called "modules." They're put together inside Dynamic Homes' huge factory, protected from the weather. We double-check everything to make sure it's perfect and safe.

On-site Installation & Finishing

Lastly, we'll take your home's pieces to your land and assemble them like a puzzle. Our team makes sure everything fits just right and adds the final touches. Soon, your amazing new modular home will be ready to move into!